Electronics firrm boosts OTIF through optimisation project

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Consumer electronics firm Armour Home reckons it is now hitting 99.5 per cent OTIF following a warehouse optimisation project.

Armour recently consolidated its warehousing activities into a single facility in Wigan, following the merger of its Home Electronics and Alphason Design business units.

Armour commissioned Davies & Robson to ensure the merged warehousing operations could meet throughput and service expectations leading up to the Christmas peak trading period.

Davies & Robson made recommendations including standardisation of business processes and implementation of revised receipts, put away and picking processes to minimise handling and errors within the warehouse.

It reckons the warehouse now regularly hits 99.5 per cent on time in full performance and, with the formalised review of failures and rectification plans, is expected to improve further.

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The project also involved clarifying roles and responsibilities within the warehouse, the introduction of a weekly performance dashboard comprising simple, measurable and relevant performance indicators and the introduction of regular formal communication between the purchasing, operations and sales teams and performance based team briefings for the warehouse staff.

Armour chief George Dexter said: “We are not supply chain experts so it made sense for us to buy in some skills and knowledge to ensure that this vital part of our business runs smoothly. Davies & Robson worked efficiently, without causing any disruption to our ongoing operations and yet were able to deliver a highly successful solution.”

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