Time to firm up delivery plans for Olympics, warns haulier

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Haulier Jordon Freight has called on businesses to firm up their delivery plans to minimise disruption during the Olympics.

Director Jon Swallow said: “We have made a concerted effort to liaise with our clients, affected by the Olympic zones, and we would urge others who haven’t been contacted by their freight company to actively approach them. There is a great deal that can be done to minimise disruption to your business, including night time deliveries, it is just a matter of careful, pro-active planning.”

London will see a “stress test” for IT, telecommunications and transport requirements on 8th and 9th May. However, said Swallow: “It is ironic that while the haulage industry faces, possibly, the most disruption, no such ‘stress test’ has been coordinated. TfL have experimented with night time deliveries, lifting the usual night-time, residential restrictions, to assess the impact. It is difficult, however, for this industry to simulate its own ‘Stress Test’ and, as a result, the situation is incredibly unpredictable. We won’t have the luxury of key learnings beforehand, which is why planning ahead is critical.”

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