Mercedes targets food and retail deliveries with new truck

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Mercedes-Benz is to target the heavy-duty short-radius distribution market with a new truck, the Antos.

The company believes the key market for the truck will be regional transport of commodities such as food and other retail products. Trucks spend more or less equal proportions of their time in urban traffic, on country roads and on the motorway.

The aim has been to product a vehicle with good all-round visibility that is easy to operate and configured for single-day tours; a broad spectrum of engine power to cope with varying regional topography and different loads; many stops and the frequent need to change route make professional logistics management essential.

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The Antos has a 2.30-metre wide cab. Trucks are available in either short or medium-size versions. They are available as either platform trucks or tractor units with a range of 67 wheelbase lengths, varying from 2650 mm at one end of the scale to 6700 mm at the other.

The trucks use Mercedes’ new generation of Euro 6 engines with power ratings from 238hp to 510hp. There is a fully automated PowerShift transmission.  It is due to be unveiled at the Commercial Vehicle IAA show in September.

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