TV consumer champion launches campaign on failed deliveries

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Retailers and home delivery operators are facing a new campaign launched by TV money saving expert Martin Lewis that encourages consumers to claim for failed deliveries.

Lewis launched the campaign called “Stand and Deliver” on the ITV show Daybreak today.

Lewis is pushing for consumers to claim compensation for consequential loss for when they take extra time off work for re-arranged deliveries.

A survey by the show found that seven out of ten people had taken time off work, for a delivery repair or installation that was unsuccessful, and that one in three had taken more than two days off in the past year for such deliveries. 

Lewis said key point was that customer relationships are with retailers, rather than delivery firms, but the campaign will increase pressure on retailers to select reliable delivery firms.

Dwain McDonald, CEO of DPD said: “The spotlight is on the delivery sector and online retailers. Both parties have to work together to continue to drive standards up and improve ‘right first time’ delivery rates.

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