Make Olympics practices standard, says new CILT president

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Some of the logistics lessons from the Olympics should become part of standard practice, Graham Inglis, the new president of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, told members at his inauguration lunch.

Inglis, who is CEO of the EMEA region of DHL Supply Chain, has worked with Transport for London chairing its Olympic Freight Forum.

In particular, he highlighted the work on night time deliveries and consolidation centres. Night time deliveries will be allowed during the games, and Inglis pointed out that there were big advantages in terms of both efficiency and congestion.

But he said, it was up to the industry to prove that night time deliveries worked and did not cause serious nuisance to local residents.

DHL has been involved in a number of consolidation centre projects – where goods are consolidated on the outskirts of a city so that one vehicle can deliver to a number of retailers in the city centre.

It operates a consolidation service for the Westfield shopping centre at Stratford next door to the Olympic site.

“If we seize the opportunities this summer,  we could see a revolution in the way goods are delivered,” he said.

Inglis said he also wanted to use his presidency to promote transport safety. He pointed out that road traffic accidents have an impact on public perceptions of the transport industry and it was important to do more on road safety.

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