Time for the public sector to show what it can do

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The Aircraft Carrier Alliance, in partnership with Wincanton was awarded the Public Sector, Services and Utilities award for European Supply Chain Excellence in 2011, for its impressive delivery of the QE Class aircraft carrier.

The QE Class aircraft carriers are the largest, most complex and highest value single build programme that the UK defence industry has ever undertaken.

The Alliance, along with Wincanton, introduced innovative supply chain practices for the defence sector. Over a hundred companies are manufacturing parts for the project, the vast majority of which are stored and delivered to the build sites on a just-in-time basis – from 10mm washers to a 22m, 40-tonne propeller shaft.

Judges reflected on the excellent supply chain practices that made the project a success, even though the project was over budget, as the customer put its priority on delivery over cost. 

Also shortlisted last year were Area 3 Supply Chain Community, MOD and The Royal Mint in partnership with Royal Mail.
The European Supply Chain Excellence Awards are organised by Supply Chain Standard in partnership with PwC’s PRTM Management Consulting.

The judges analyse each entry in detail.  As well as the five core disciplines of strategy; processing systems architecture; organisation; performance management; and collaboration, entries are considered on their own merits through weeks of discussion.

If you are involved in a public sector project that is using supply chain practices to achieve something special, why not enter the awards for free. No supply chain is perfect from end-to-end, but excellence deserves to be recognised.

You can find details of the awards and how to enter at: www.supplychainexcellenceawards.com

For more information contact: Dan Stone, E: dan.stone@akabomedia.co.uk

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