Olympics – even taxis will have to be delivered at night

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Black cabs will have to be delivered at night during the Olympics to avoid the congestion caused when the Olympic Route Network is closed to traffic.

Acumen delivers cabs from LTI Vehicles in Coventry to its London dealership in Brewery Road in Islington, which is on the border of the ORN.

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Acumen director Peter Raybould said: “With access and delivery times restricted along the ORN and surrounding areas, it was necessary to work with LTI Vehicles to change to night time deliveries. We have briefed our drivers that they should plan ahead so that they minimise the noise they make so as to avoid disturbing local residents”.

Acumen said drivers would abide by Transport for London’s code of conduct for firms which requires drivers to turn off reversing alarms and radios, shut doors quietly and avoid shouting or whistling.

The code will apply when the ORN comes into force on the 25th July until the end of the games on the 14th September.

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