DHL targets hi-tech sector with Asia-Europe service

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DHL Global Forwarding has launched an intercontinental door-to-door distribution service from Asia-to Europe.

DHL Door-To-More combines DHL’s intercontinental air freight transport capabilities with its  European ground distribution network. It promises  shorter time-to-market offered by the solution, which translates into faster availability of goods.  
DHL Door-To-More is DHL’s response to the demands of customers in the technology sector who have turned to direct distribution, delivering directly to their end customers. Customers can benefit from the door-to-door service that covers every aspect of transporting goods from customer warehouses in Asia directly to multiple destinations across Europe, managed through one single platform.  
“The technology industry, with its high pace of innovation and short product cycles, requires cost efficient and flexible supply chain solutions. The concept of direct distribution from manufacturing to end customers improves the time to market at minimum inventory cost and reduces the number of handover points”, said Rob Siegers, president and global head of technology at DHL.

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