Office Depot expands bike delivery network

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Office Depot has expanded the area of London in which its Cargo Cycle service operates by six square miles.

Its pedal powered, battery assisted bicycles and electric vans will now deliver to all EC postcodes as well as W1F, W1S, E1 and SE1 areas.

Mike McCreesh, procurement and supply chain director at Office Depot, said: “This expansion will enable us to provide a more effective and sustainable delivery solution to our customers in central and east London, especially throughout the Olympic period.”

“Prior to launching the Cargo Cycle initiative in 2009 our fleet of seven diesel powered vans covered 322 miles per day in Greater London, this has been reduced to only 115, representing a 64 per cent decrease.”

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It reckons the initiative has reduces the C02 emissions per parcel delivered by 62 per cent.

This expansion has resulted in the growth of Office Depot’s Green Fleet which now has 8 Cargo Cycles and 10 electric vans delivering into London. As a result, 14 diesel vans have been taken off the roads of central London since the launch of the initiative.

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