FTA backs call to scrap 3p fuel duty rise

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The Freight Transport Association says it is delighted at the news that the Labour Party has today joined in the call for all MPs to unite to see the August 3p fuel duty hike scrapped.

James Hookham, managing director – policy & communications, said: “FTA applauds the Labour Party’s support for stopping the fuel duty increase in August. The welcome recent falls in the price of oil are largely responsible for sustaining levels of consumer spending in the economy. The proposed 3p a litre increase in fuel duty will wipe out these gains and mire the country in recession unless it is stopped. With exports to Europe waning because of the Eurozone crisis we need fuel duty reductions, not increases, to revitalise growth.”

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And Quentin Willson, national spokesman for FairFuelUK, which is backed by the FTA, said: “We welcome the fact that the Labour Party is now throwing its weight behind scrapping the rise.”

“Hiking fuel duty by 3p per litre on 1 August makes no sense either politically or economically. Hitting families and hard pressed businesses with this rise when we are back in recession will be a toxic issue for voters. Dozens of coalition MPs know in their hearts and their heads that this rise is ill advised and unnecessary.”

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