Super-trailers for Knights of Old

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Each trailer is 15.65metres long, two metres longer than the current maximum. Operators are being given special permission to operate them as part of a ten-year trial by the Department for Transport.

The DfT reckons that the larger trailers could reduce UK lorry miles by 100-180 million in a year, and produce a financial benefit of about £1,800 per vehicle per hear.

Ian Beattie, Knights of Old managing director said: “This investment allows us to continue with our carbon reduction policy, cutting pollution and making our roads less congested.”

One of the trailers for Palletforce will be based at Kettering and the other at Hitchin. Michael Conroy, chief executive officer of Palletforce, said: “These new trailers are set to reduce lorry miles, congestion and air pollution and are another smart way to help the UK compete globally. We’re proud to be working with Knights of Old on trialling something that will benefit the future of our industry.”

Drivers have had to undergo specialist driver training as the trailers have two steering rear axles that ensure the turning circle stays within permitted limits.

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