Meet Freddie Forklift and Percy Pallet

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Toyota has turned to cartoon characters to help educate children about health and safety.

It has developed a children’s activity book including newly developed cartoon characters based on the Toyota range as part of the “Taking Care with Toyota” initiative.

Sales and marketing director Tony Wallis said: “With our new characters we aim to bring a little fun to learning about safety and giving children something they can be involved with and relate to.”

The book includes information on how to cross a road safely, how to eat a healthy diet and what not to do near a railway.

The characters led by Freddie Forklift are based on equipment from the Toyota product range and include: Percy Pallet, Sammi Stacker, Tess Tow Tractor and Rex Reach as well as key people from the materials handling process: Anita Apprentice, Tony Technician and Dave Driver.


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