Digital logistics magazine for schools

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Menzies Distribution is the subject of an interactive e-zine designed to encourage teenagers to pursue a career in logistics.

The digital publication, Moveit!, has been sent to more than 16,000 schools, colleges and careers advisors, and uses film, graphics and a game to showcase the different types of jobs available. It also offers readers the chance to win an apprenticeship as well as iTunes vouchers.

It was created by Menzies Digital Marketing on behalf of the National Skills Academy for Logistics.

Sarah Clegg, managing director of Menzies Digital Marketing, said: “It is fair to say that the logistics industry has an aging work force so it’s really important we engage a younger audience and show them there is a very real opportunity for a rewarding career which is linked to their interests.”

Viv Lacey, director of the National Skills Academy for Logistics, said: “Research by Skills for Logistics, which is the sector skills council for the UK’s freight logistics industries, suggests that young people don’t understand the term logistics, or they have negative preconceptions about what it involves.”

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