Auto parts retailer selects Witron

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German automotive parts retailer Auto-TeiAuto-Teile-Pöllath Handels has taken on Witron for an expansion of its e-commerce facilities, in order to provide next day delivery for orders made at 3pm.

The selected order picking system will be goods-to-man, with a  seven aisle AS/RS and more than 40,000 locations. Eight workstations will enable picking directly into dispatch cartons. An additional six workstations can be added in the future to meet growth.

Heavier and bulky goods will be picked with Witron’s “Ergonomic Pallet Picking” system, using three man-aboard pick mobiles within a 7 aisle pallet high bay warehouse consisting of 12,000 locations. There is potential to extend this to 12 mobiles.

Orders will be picked in three aisles, while four aisles will be equipped with automatic stacker cranes for replenishment of the pick front.

Picked orders will be transported to the packing workstations via transfer cars and dispatch lanes.

ATP owner, Peter Poellath. said: “The WITRON logistics modules are cost-efficient, innovative, ergonomic, and designed for further growth. This is what we were looking for to further increase our customer service”. 

The firm has some 20,000 customers and over 9.500 products. In a peak hour, the new centre will process up to 1,400 customer orders and ship some 1,500 packages.

the new logistics centre in Pressath is due to be operational by May 2013.

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