Emergency logistics techniques save cash for airlines

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Aircraft operators are enlisting emergency logistics techniques to avoid fees for grounded aircraft, according to Evolution Time Critical.

Unscheduled aircraft on ground” incidents can incur cancellation fees ranging from $250 to $600 per passenger, which is in addition to the business cost of over $100,000 for a one to two hour delay estimated by Boeing.

“The global aviation industry is realising huge savings from embracing the concept of reduced inventories and just-in-time deliveries, supported by their confidence that we bring our proven expertise from the car industry to help solve the problem of both serious and scheduled AOG,” said Evolution Time Critical managing director Brad Brennan.

 “We specialize solely in critical deliveries,” said Brennan.  “Our control centre is manned twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.  This enables us to track a delivery personally and provide updates by phone or text if necessary, allowing operators to keep their customers informed with live updates.” 

“Within six months of us discussing this approach with aircraft fleet operators a number of close relationships have been established saving airlines money every month,” said Brennan.

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