Unilever and DHL partnership deal to drive efficiency

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Unilever has signed a Joint Business Development Plan with DHL Supply Chain designed to deliver its strategic business plans.

The plan is part of Unilever’s “Partner to Win” programme to work more closely with its key suppliers. It covers a series of collaborative initiatives focused on increased speed to market and efficiency, cost reduction and sustainable practices will help achieve this goal.

Initiatives include improving carbon efficiency and reducing waste within global logistics operations. The companies also plan to extend the geographical footprint of existing services offered particularly in developing and emerging markets including Brazil, Russia, India, China and Mexico.

Other activities include a “design once, deploy everywhere” methodology to identify, harness, and streamline innovative processes across Unilever’s supply chain to deliver optimum performance.

[asset_ref id=”1575″]  Pier Luigi Sigismondi

Pier Luigi Sigismondi, chief supply chain officer at Unilever said: “For Unilever it is essential that we work closely together with our strategic suppliers to reach our ambition to double the size of the company and halve our environmental impact. We cannot do this alone. DHL and Unilever have worked together for many years now and both organisations share the same values, passion and goals.

“This is why we have chosen DHL as a global supply chain partner to support our plans to sustainably grow our business. We are looking forward to working closer with DHL, and to harnessing the benefits of this global partnership.”

DHL Supply Chain chief Bruce Edwards said: “We are always keen to work strategically with Unilever to design the best possible solutions and deliver unrivalled services to help the world’s most successful consumer brands achieve their growth, profit and environmental ambitions, and we are extremely excited about this new global aspect in our relationship.”

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