Royal Mail to deliver to neighbours

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Royal Mail is going to start leaving packages with neighbours for the first time under a new initiative, Delivery to Neighbour, which is due to start in late September.

Currently, Royal Mail is the only major delivery company not allowed to deliver to a neighbour as part of its standard practice. The initiative is still subject to a final decision from Ofcom following its current consultation.

However, the regulator has indicated it is minded to grant approval and has not objected to Royal Mail starting to notify customers about the initiative, pending the final outcome of the consultation process.

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It has been conducting trials which showed that 92 per cent of customers whose item was left with a neighbour were satisfied with the overall experience. 90 per cent of neighbours who accepted an item expressed overall satisfaction.

Mike Newnham, Royal Mail’s chief customer officer, said: “We look forward to Ofcom’s decision on rolling out the initiative later this summer but wanted to give all our customers early information about our plans and outline their options.”

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