FedEx increases emissions reduction targets

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FedEx has increased its targets for emissions reductions and fuel efficiency by about 50 per cent, according to its latest Global Citizenship report.

It said it was well on its way to achieving the 20 per cent aircraft emissions intensity reduction and fuel efficiency improvement goals it set for 2020, having reduced aircraft emissions intensity by 13.8 per cent and improved vehicle fuel efficiency by 16.6 per cent at the end of its fiscal year 2011. 

“Consequently, FedEx has increased its aircraft emissions goal by 50 per cent, to a 30 per cent reduction in global aircraft emissions intensity by its original 2020 target date.  FedEx has also reaffirmed its commitment to sourcing at least 30 per cent of its jet fuel from alternative fuels by the year 2030.”

“FedEx is dedicated to providing sustainable solutions for our customers,” said Mitch Jackson, staff vice president of Environmental Affairs and Sustainability.

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