Lord Digby Jones opens Supply Chain Academy

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Lord Digby Jones has officially opened the Supply Chain Academy at Upminster, the country’s newest educational establishment focusing on supply chain management.

The academy has already been engaged in training with companies like Marks & Spencer and DP World.

Lord Jones said: “Training that takes place in a Premier Inn by the side of a dual carriageway is not going to inspire anyone. This Academy makes a statement, and the statement is that learning and skills development are critically important. The Supply Chain Academy is an inspirational venue for those new to business and for those for whom business is deeply ingrained.”

The Academy offers “T-shaped” management training, giving experienced managers a wider knowledge to enable them to work collaboratively in all areas of their business. (The vertical of the T represents the depth of related skills and expertise while the horizontal bar is the ability to collaborate across disciplines.)

Zen Yaworsky, programme director at The Supply Chain Academy, said: “As well as businesses who manage their own supply chains, those companies who service these businesses – accountancy, legal, insurance, banking and property companies are all registering an interest or engaging with the academy; they recognise the need to develop an intelligent business empathy with their customers.”

The Academy is a privately funded venture with no expectation of tax payers’ money to support it and the offer is for both day and residential courses to allow flexibility for the manager or executive.

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