Volvo launches new FH

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Volvo has launched its new range of FH series truck, which will be available with new features with potential to save up to ten per cent on fuel.

The Euro 6 version of the new FH series will be available with I- Torque, a double clutch transmission, as used in racing cars. This makes gear changes in just hundreths of a second, eradicating power loss and enabling four per cent savings on fuel.

The system also incorporates a turbo compound unit, and overall provides 2,800 nm torque, compared to 2,300 in the previous FH trucks.

Volvo reckons the Euro 6 model with I-Torque will save ten per cent on fuel compared to the old Euro 5 models, and will be profitable after around 2.5 years, based on running 120,000 km per year.

Hardware updates enable a further per cent fuel saving, and five per cent cuts can be gained from the I-See topography system.

Ricard Fritz, senior vice president of Volvo truck Global said the I-See system uses GPS to record data about terrain, such as the gradient of each hill, and adapts gear changes and speed to the topography next time the truck travels on that road.

Volvo says the FH offers handling equivalent to a car.

“To put things into perspective, we can even offer independent front suspension, although initially only on left-hand drive vehicles. This world-first takes handling to unsurpassed levels in the truck world, says Claes Nilsson.

The new FH has a new air suspended chassis design, air suspended cab and seat and new front and rear suspension as well as IFS to provide its smoothest ever ride.

[asset_ref id=”1834″]IFS on the front axle

The new body design and I- Shift are available in Euro 5, but only Euro 6 trucks will carry the I-Torque system.

As well as fuel efficiency and handling, the developments of the new range are focussed on improving uptime, and space within the cab for driver comfort.

Henrik Wikman, director of transport solutions says the new FH offers 100 per cent uptime. The telematics system connects the truck to a monitoring service at all times, for real time observations as opposed to estimates. And via an online interface, problems can be fixed remotely.

The brand new cab design provides an additional 300 litres of storage space compared to the previous FH. The driver seat can push back an extra 40 cm and the steering wheel has a vastly increased range of tilt.

The new FH series includes a remote control for loading operations. With a 25m range, the control allows the driver to keep track of load weight, weight distribution, loading bay angle and height from outside the vehicle.

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