Toy transport win for Wincanton

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Smyths Toys Superstores has awarded Wincanton a one year transport contract to handle deliveries to stores.

Wincanton will manage the distribution from Smyths’ warehouse in Newcastle-under-Lyme, transporting up to 250 store deliveries a week – of anything from toys to bikes – to its stores across mainland UK.

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Tom Stratford, Commercial Director at Smyths Toys Superstores, said: “When we began to look for a logistics partner we had a clear vision that we needed a provider with the scale and flexibility to meet our busy peak periods, such as the run-up to Christmas, to achieve maximum sales potential.”

Wincanton will operate the contract via its northern regional transport centre network, using its shared-user fleet of vehicles.

“This allows us to meet the customer’s quiet and busy periods while maximising utilisation of fleet assets at the same time,” said Steve Taylor, Wincanton’s director responsible for transport. “After all one customer’s peak is another’s quiet period.”

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