Boom in June for same day deliveries

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Same day retail deliveries boomed in June but plummeted during the Olympics, according to same-day specialist CitySprint.

The volume of same day retail delivery orders handled by CitySprint in June this year was up ten per cent on the average for April and May, and was 41 per cent higher than the same period last year.

However, the Olympics also had a big impact on same day retail delivery orders across the country, particularly in and around London. Nationally, CitySprint recorded a 15 per cent drop in the volume of retail same day delivery orders during the Olympics, compared to the same period last year.

CitySprint chief Patrick Gallagher said: “While delivery volumes fluctuate throughout the year, June was a particularly strong month for us, and I suspect that this had something to do with the weather. It was the wettest June on record – so it’s not surprising that so many shoppers chose to get their purchases delivered right to their door.

“Across the board, retailers have reported an Olympic lull, as many consumers chose to watch the Games rather than going shopping. And it seems that this had a knock-on effect on the same day delivery market too. August is traditionally a slower month for retailers anyway, but now that the Olympics is over we’re looking forward to business getting back to normal.”


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