2,000 litre diesel savings from Daimler

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Daimler reckons its new Mercedes Benz Aerodynamic truck and trailer can save up to 2000 litres of diesel and five tons of CO2 emissions per vehicle annually.

The aerodynamic trailer developed by Mercedes-Benz, reduces the drag of the entire articulated vehicle by around 18 per cent.

Daimler works out this will equate to fuel savings of 4.5 per cent when with a long-distance haulage with a 40-ton articulated vehicle incorporating its aerodynamics trailer.

A key feature of the aerodynamic concept is the “boat tail”, a rear end taper with a maximum length of 400mm.

The new version of the Actros StreamSpace cab is similar to the old model. The only changes are an air deflector on the roof, cab side deflectors and side panelling.

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