BHS picks TDL for processing and warehousing

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BHS has awarded a three year processing and warehousing contract to Peterborough-based TDL.

The retailer recently carried out a review of its third party processing and warehousing companies which are used for both BHS directly sourced merchandise and its FSV suppliers.

The network review measured speed to market, sales, processing, stock replenishment, costs and timeliness in the supply chain. As a result, BHS will reduce its processing and warehousing operations from 24 logistics providers to two.

The three year rolling contract will see TDL handle substantial volumes in a dedicated 100,000 sq ft warehouse.

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Stephen Smith, managing director of TDL, said: “We are delighted to have been selected as one of the two warehousing providers to BHS, we have a remarkable relationship with BHS stretching back in excess of 12 years.

“Our commitment to BHS is to offer a flexible and timely logistics & warehousing solution at the best possible price within a lean and efficient operation.”

The new contract and reorganisation will start in late 2012 with transition expected to be complete by early 2013. TDL will operate from their newly refurbished warehouse in Woodston, Peterborough.

TDL, previously known as Tesam Distribution Ltd, specialises in garment distribution. It can store up to ten million hanging items alongside boxed items in 25,000 pallet locations.

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