Yale unveils new VX compact

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Yale has introduced a new engine powered cushion tyre VX series, which it says is a significantly more compact fork lift truck with reduced dimensions for greater manoeuvrability when operating within tight aisles.

Designers have focused on designing a frame which can comfortably accommodate a cushion tyre rather than a pneumatic or super-cushion (super-elastic) tyre.

It is targeting customers with applications where load capacities have increased, but the existing aisle width cannot easily be increased to accommodate a higher capacity lift truck.

The load capacity that can be handled by the compact truck can be 3.5 tonnes compared to the 2.5 tonnes of a conventional counterbalance truck operating in the same aisle width.

Yale brand manager Steve Ridgway said: “This series provides customers who cannot justify the cost of building a new warehouse or expanding existing storage capacity in the current economic climate with a real application alternative and a more attractive financial option.”

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