Savoye launches plug and play conveyor

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Savoye has launched a range of electrical, modular “plug and play” conveyors that have a control device for each segment, allowing flexible installations.

The new conveyor is made with 78 per cent fewer moving parts, and a 40 per cent shorter installation compared to similar types of conveyor.

Segments of conveyor can be moved and bolted together ad hoc, and movable segments can be wheeled away or raised on hinges to allow personnel or loads to pass through the conveyor route.

Each module of conveyor has an electronic control card that feeds information about its performance and condition to the WMS and WCS via an interface system, which gives a full “supervision cockpit” dashboard. These control cards do not require re-configuration even if they are re-positioned.

Each segment acts independently, adjusting its speed to regulate product flow, or to manage the direction of traffic. Sections not in use will automatically stop until requires, minimising energy wasted.

This de-centralisation offers increased fluidity and an increased ability to react in the event of an incident on the line. Each element adapts itself to the flow to be conveyed and to the volume of activity.

This also allows precise control of activity and condition of each section, making maintenance easier to plan and anticipate.

The new range is 100 per cent electric, with motors directly integrated into the rollers. This allows a considerable energy saving, as well as reducing the noise compared to a compressed gas system.

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