BT launches cloud-based service for global supply chains

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BT has added cloud-based capabilities to BT Trace, its supply chain service. The new cloud service collects, stores, shares and interprets high volume event data about goods and assets moving along an extended global supply chain.

In addition, it integrates information from the various resource planning and IT systems used by global companies – and by their suppliers – to provide a single view of the whole supply chain through a customised web portal.

The service has been trialled with TNT Express. Steve Brown, divisional general manager of TNT Special Services said: “We have shown that greater visibility across the supply chain increases efficiency and flexibility. There is no doubt that a single view across all systems and data speeds up processes and identifies significant events, allowing us to respond in new and better ways to our customers, and they, in turn, deliver a better service to their customers”.

Luis Alvarez, CEO for BT Global Services, said: “We are uniquely positioned to solve today’s key supply chain challenges based on a heritage of managing complex data interactions over our global network.”

BT is focusing on global industry sectors, including consumer packaged goods, manufacturing, logistics, pharmaceuticals and retail where companies depend on the efficiency of their supply chains to gain competitive advantages.

With BT Trace, we are pioneers in providing those customers with the ability to identify inefficiencies, streamline their processes and be more successful in their market place.”

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