Shell targets fleet operators in fuel saving campaign

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Shell is targeting fleet operators with its new Target One Million campaign to save fuel and reduce costs.

As part of the campaign it will release a series of interactive, online mini-games to help equip fleet drivers with the skills they need to become more fuel efficient.

It has produced a study titled the Shell FuelSave Index, which found that 55 per cent of drivers are not driving smoothly and only 53 per cent drivers use the top gears frequently. By changing these habits and following some other simple tips, as well as choosing the right fuel, fleet drivers could reduce their fuel consumption.

Alongside Target One Million, the company offers the Shell FuelSave Partner scheme to help commercial road transport businesses remotely monitor driver performance and fuel consumption to find ways to save on fuel costs.

Quentin Willson  is supporting the launch of Target One Million. He said: “I’m proud to be helping fleet drivers and managers save fuel and reduce their company’s fuel costs. The Target One Million mini-games are a fun way to learn, without putting in too much time. Saving fuel doesn’t have to be a hassle; it’s easy.”

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