Deutsche Post DHL opens first mechanised delivery site

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Deutsche Post DHL has put its first mechanised delivery site into operation at the former main freight depot in Braunschweig in Germany.

Complementing the parcel centres, the “MechZB” forms a second pillar of Deutsche Post DHL’s new parcel concept. The inbuilt distribution system automatically passes the parcels onto the relevant delivery person via box chutes, which hold up to 200 parcels.

This has been done by hand up until now in the usual delivery bases, but is carried out in Braunschweig automatically.

“By processing the parcels directly at the delivery base we save time and allow faster deliveries to the customer. The new system is better ergonomically as well and has been met with approval among the employees,” said Uwe Brinks, head of production at Deutsche Post DHL. “ More than 100 employees will supply Braunschweig and the surrounding area with their parcels.”

Braunschweig is the first of 25 mechanized delivery bases across the country that Deutsche Post DHL hopes to realise by the end of next year.

Further locations in Bochum, Dinslaken, Berlin and Aschheim are already ready for operation. Installation of the technology required for the building won’t be finished until some time in 2013.


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