Egg supplier puts pallet truck on the back of a lorry

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Egg supplier Noble Foods has taken a fleet of 21 powered pallet trucks on rental from Toyota.

A large proportion of Noble’s business operation involves collection and eggs from farms across the UK. Because of this Noble chose the BT Levio LWE130 powered pallet truck with on-board charging from Toyota which is suitable for use on the back of lorries.

Mick Tucker from Noble Foods said: “When looking for a solution to our manual handling needs we trialled a number of products. We finally decided on the BT Levio LWE130 due to its proven record in this type of application. We are confident that the product we have chosen will decrease the risks involved in manual handling for our drivers, helping to increase their productivity and with smoother operation of the new powered pallet trucks decrease costs occurred from damaged goods.”

Noble has recently moved into the desserts sector with a product portfolio that includes Happy Eggs, Golden Lay and GÜ Chocolate Puddings.

The LWE130 is an entry level powered pallet truck. Its compact size and low weight allows it to be easily transported and stored with limited impact on the usable space on the back of the lorry.

On-board charging, an option for the LWE130, was also added to the truck for Noble Foods allowing opportunity charging on the lorry while travelling from destination to destination. The gel battery which is fitted to the LWE130 works in line with the vehicle charging system to ensure the truck is only charged while the lorry is moving, giving priority to the lorry’s battery during charging to guarantee no loss of power to the lorry itself.

Toyota is currently running a prize draw to win a BT Levio LWE160 powered pallet truck.


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