EU plans to measure logistics CO2

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The European Commission is considering a “unambiguous way of measuring CO2 footprints in the logistics chain, Claire Whittaker of the EU’s transport directorate-general told delegates to the first open day of Green Freight Europe, the recently launched environmental initiative.

Whittaker said transport was the only sector in which CO2 emissions have risen in the past 20 years – and this is unacceptable for the commission hence the move to look again at measuring carbon footprints.

Green Freight Europe has attract the support of more than 70 European companies, both shippers and logistics service providers. Members include DHL, FedEx, GeoPost, Procter and Gamble, Philips, UPS and Ikea.

The initiative aims to generate strong market incentives to engage companies across the supply chains in green procurement of transport services in order stimulate long-term improvements.

The initiative officially launched in March 2012 with the aim of driving carbon reduction by:

* Establishing a platform for monitoring and reporting of carbon emissions, to assist in the procurement of transport services and based on existing standard.

* Promoting collaboration between carriers and shippers in driving improvement actions and monitoring progress.

* Establishing a certification system to reward shippers and carriers who fully participate in the program.

* Providing a platform for companies to share best practices, promote innovations and communicate sustainability improvements on European road freight.

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