Thursday 18th Oct 2018 - Logistics Manager Magazine

100 trucks for Hermes

Home delivery company Hermes has bought more than 100 vehicles as part of its fleet replacement and expansion programme. The vehicles include both vans and tractor units to ensure Hermes possesses the necessary transport capacity to handle the growth in volumes.

The order includes 86 vans between 7.5 tonnes and 18 tonnes as well as 14  tractor units. The rigids will used for depot radial work including a  number of new sites that are due to open over the coming months.

All the vehicles will use automatic gearboxes and aerodynamic bodies to achieve better fuel consumption.

CEO Carole Woodhead, said: “Our aggressive growth strategy means we need to possess the necessary infrastructure and logistics capabilities for a rapidly expanding business. By investing in highly efficient vehicles utilising the latest technology we are able to keep our operating costs to a minimum and take a responsible approach to our operation.”