Stobart agrees deal with Doncaster drivers

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Eddie Stobart has today agreed a deal with its drivers at the Tesco Doncaster distribution centre.

The affected drivers voted to accept the latest offer which will see them benefit from an increase on their contractual redundancy pay allowance.

Stobart said that all 183 drivers have also been offered alternative driving roles at Tesco and, together, Tesco and Eddie Stobart have highlighted an additional 212 jobs to the group – 90 warehousing positions and 122 driving jobs.

Any drivers accepting an alternative role will also receive 75 per cent of their full redundancy settlement as financial support.

David Pickering, Eddie Stobart managing director, said: “Since the start of September, we’ve worked diligently and professionally to come up with the best possible package for the drivers and to provide a range of alternative employment options. It’s a positive way to resolve the dispute and I’m extremely pleased for all parties that the drivers have accepted our latest offer.”

The Doncaster drivers were transferred from Tesco to Stobart in August. The drivers voted on the first of a series of in September after being put on 90 days notice. At the end of November, the drivers rejected a proposal financial support package following talks at ACAS and voted for further strike action. 

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