Czech book ramp up for growth

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As e-commerce continues to grow book distributors need to expand customer services to profit from the trend.

Pemic Books, one of largest book distributors in the Czech Republic, is restructuring its distribution processes to enhance customer service and speed up next-day deliveries.

It is relocating its activities from the six existing, old warehouses to a new centralised distribution centre using control technology from Interroll for roller conveyors.

The solution that Pemic Books a.s. opted for and Logsys spol. s r.o. installed included

It is using zero-pressure accumulation conveyors for cartons and totes in the picking and packing/dispatch zones. The ZPA conveyors in both areas use Interroll RollerDrives EC310 with ConveyorControl technology and Rollers 3500 with PolyVee 3500 as well as roller conveyor lines equipped with Rollers 1700.

Petr Michálek, managing director of Pemic Books said: “The solution significantly facilitates our operations and helps increase the productivity so we can reach our goals in the area of distribution and conveying processes.”

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