Pyroban Gascheka for forklifts

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Pyroban has launched a gas detection system designed for mobile industrial vehicles used in “enhanced safety areas”.

The “Gascheka duo” provides vehicle shut-off on detection of a flammable gas or vapour, helping to prevent a potential explosion in any industry. There is the option to specify either infrared or pellistor gas sensing heads.

It can be fitted to all types of equipment including vans, forklifts, cranes and access platforms operating within areas requiring enhanced levels of safety protection. These are typically specific areas within refineries, chemical and petrochemical operations, aerosol storage, distilleries and a wide range of manufacturing and logistics operations.

The system gives the vehicle operator a warning if it detects a gas or vapour at just 10 per cent LEL (propane in air) and is designed to automatically shut down the equipment at 25 per cent LEL (propane in air) before dangerous levels are reached, bringing the equipment to a safe and controlled stop.

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