Tuesday 23rd Oct 2018 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Carlsberg invests in dual role trucks


Carlsberg has invested in two Volvo FM artic units adapted to give a low fifth wheel height allowing the vehicles to be used for both trunking and dray deliveries.

Known as the MetroLiner, the Volvos were the brainchild of Carlsberg UK’s national fleet engineer Andrew Davis as a way of improving productivity and cutting costs.

They were specified so that the fifth wheel height is as low as possible to facilitate manual unloading from the single-axle dray trailer.

“Approximately 70 per cent of our deliveries are unloaded manually from the side of the dray trailers,” said Davis. “A slim-line neck on the trailer means that the deck height is the same as our purpose-built rigids and while the combination is not quite as manoeuvrable as an urban artic, the MetroLiner will go anywhere a 26-tonne rigid can go.”

Carlsberg reckons that the MetroLiner concept could be used eventually on ten per cent of its routes.