Jigsaw takes on new identity

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Jigsaw has revealed a new corporate identity that aims to reflect the company’s operational model which draws upon the transport services of nine regional network partners to deliverer national integrated ambient distribution services.

As well as updating its website, the company has also introduced several new 15.6 metre trailers with special livery, all hoping to give greater visibility to the new branding.

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The new trailers, built by Cartwright, are being trialled as part of a government sponsored initiative, with the aim to identify where road miles and vehicle journeys can be reduced by introducing larger loads without exceeding existing weight restrictions.

“We see these longer trailers fitting in very well with our business model, said Andy Humpherson, managing director at Jigsaw.

“They are ideally suited for loads comprising bulky but relatively lightweight pallets such as white and brown goods and many food products. They can accommodate up to four additional pallets which means around 14 per cent more load can be carried when compared with current designs.”

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