Scania and Siemens form electric truck partnership

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Scania has formed a partnership with Siemens which involves the integration of Siemens technology to power vehicles with Scania’s expertise in the electrification of powertrains in trucks and buses.

Siemens has been working with technology, in which vehicles receive power from a wire in the air via a pantograph on the roof of the vehicle. The two companies have now teamed up to develop electrically powered trucks for commercial use.

“Full-scale demonstration of electrified road sections can quickly become a reality through this partnership,” said Henrik Henriksson, executive vice president and head of Scania’s sales and marketing. “Fuel savings made possible by electrification are huge, and this project is a foundation stone for fossil-free road transport.”

[asset_ref id=”1949″]    Scania truck with a pantograph on the roof.

Scania reckons the development of electric vehicles will be an important part of the transition to a more sustainable transport system.

A hybrid powertrain (a combination of electric and internal combustion technology) can be supplemented by electrical transmission through a line in the air (conduction) or powered through the road surface (induction), thus becoming completely electrically powered on electrified road sections.


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