Inditex drives growth with logistics investment

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Inditex, the high street fashion groups whose brands include Zara, invested more than 1.4 billion euros last year – notably on rolling out new projects in the logistics division and modernising the eight distribution centres currently in operation.

The group’s growth has led to an expansion of more than 70,000 sq m at Inditex corporate headquarters in Spain. The project is currently at the construction stage and is scheduled for inauguration in the second quarter of 2013.

[asset_ref id=”1951″] Inditex headquarters, A Coruña, Spain

The group said the expansion also directly affected the company’s logistics centres in Spain, as it must constantly adapt all of its distribution hubs, including those in Arteixo (Galicia) and Meco (Madrid).

“Massimo Dutti’s new distribution centre in Tordera (Barcelona), which began operating in 2012, is one of the most technologically advanced distribution logistics centres in the world.

“Another noteworthy project currently underway will install a hanging garment automated silo at the Zaragoza logistics centre, a system which is set for completion in the second half of 2013. Separately, the company in 2012 began implementing its plan to build a new distribution centre in Cabanillas (Guadalajara).”

These projects entail investments of €450 million in Spain – tangible evidence of the impact of Inditex retailers’ global growth on group operations and investments within Spain.

Group sales rose by 16 per cent to €15.9 billion last year, while net income totalled €2.3 bn –  an increase of 22 per cent from a year earlier.

Last year Inditex opened 482 stores in 64 different markets, including the initial launches in five new markets: Armenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Ecuador, Georgia and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. It now has a combined total of 6,009 stores in 86 markets.

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