Menzies branches out with brochure delivery service

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Menzies Distribution has started delivering holiday brochures to travel agents in the north of England following its acquisition of Orbital Marketing Services.
The arrangement enables the company to make more efficient of its van fleet. For newspaper and magazines the fleet operates very early in the morning, while brochure deliveries take place later in the day.
The arrangement with Orbital’s founding business, BP Travel Marketing Services, sees Menzies deliver some 125,000 brochures to 650 travel agents located between Liverpool, Hull, Cumbria and Stoke-on-Trent each week.
The switch from a third party haulier to using in-house delivery in the north of England means Menzies is operating across the north west for the first time.
Central support manager Phil Lloyd said: “Our usual distribution of newspapers and magazines see our vans travel the same route seven days a week in the very early mornings. The delivery routes we are using to reach our travel agents are more changeable, and take place three days a week at a later time.
“This means Menzies Distribution is operating in new geographical areas and our vans are being used during the day – both factors we hope will bring new opportunities in the future.”

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