UK and China team up to increase youth employment

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Skills for logistics (SfL), The British Council and the China Federation for Logistics and Purchasing (CFLP) have teamed up to host a delegation of 20 logistics and educational officials from China.

During the visit the delegation will go to facilities run by DHL, Ceva Logistics, TNT and Unipart Logistics, as well as universities and colleges, such as Coventry University and Pembroke College, Oxford.

They will learn how the government and the UK Logistics Sector have invested in developing its skills and training infrastructure during the last 20 years.

The partnership between the three organisations is the first ever between sector skills councils and professional organisations in the UK and China. It aims to increase youth employment and create prosperity in both countries.

“By positioning the UK as a cutting edge thought leader in the field of technical and vocational education and training (TVET), this partnership makes the UK a more attractive place for Chinese people to do business with, UK qualifications more attractive for Chinese learners and employers, and UK colleges a more attractive overseas study destination for young people in China, said Dr Mick Jackson, CEO of Skills for Logistics.

“This partnership allows education institutions and businesses in the UK and China to easily appraise the skill level of students and skilled workers from both countries, which will facilitate greater student and employee mobility, encourage a more efficient allocation of human resources and strengthen both countries’ workforces.”

The visit follows the China Logistics Vocational Education Annual Conference, which was held in China in October 2012 and saw SfL, The British Council and CFLP agree a programme of co-operative projects.

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