Barclays survey predicts jobs growth in logistics

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Some 69 per cent of businesses within the transport and logistics sector will create jobs in the next 12 months, compared to 46 per cent in 2012, according to Barclays’ Job Creation Survey 2013.
The survey, which questioned more than 700 UK businesses, also revealed that 61 per cent of companies specifically within that sector said they were not interested in employing ex-public sector workers. However, 34 per cent said they were.
49 per cent of these transport and logistics providers said that ex-public sector workers were “not very well equipped” to take on their industry’s jobs, while 23 per cent have said they are “quite well equipped”.
“The disconnect between private and public sector workers continues, leaving ex-public sector workers in a challenging position, as the on-going rebalancing of the economy means many have to seek opportunities in the private sector,” said Rob Riddleston, head of transport and logistics at Barclays Corporate Banking.
Other findings showed that 45 per cent of transport and logistics providers believed there to be a shortfall in private sector job growth, compensating for public sector losses.
89 per cent of those asked whether job creation would generate sales or sales growth would lead to job creation said that growth needs to come first, and results showed that 96 per cent of jobs created in the next 12 months will be middle/junior/skilled levels.
73 per cent said they will create jobs at low/unskilled levels and only 21 per cent of respondents are expecting to make job cuts over the next year.
“It’s positive to see that the majority of transport and logistics providers surveyed are confident about creating new positions over the next 12 months and at all levels of the spectrum,” added Riddleston.

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