EU set out plans for safer and more environmental friendly trucks

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The European Commission has proposed new rules regarding European trucks, designed to reduce fuel consumption by seven to ten per cent, cut emissions of greenhouse gases and enhance road safety.
The proposal would see manufacturers develop more aerodynamic lorries with cabins of a rounded shape and aerodynamic flaps at the back of the trailer, saving approximately €5,000 (£4,306) a year in fuel costs for an average long-distance lorry covering 60,000 miles per year.
An improved field of vision is also aiming to save the lives of 300 to 500 cyclists and pedestrians killed in collisions with heavy goods vehicles in Europe each year.
“A brick is the least aerodynamic shape you can imagine, that’s why we need to improve the shape of the lorries on our roads, said the Commission’s vice-president Siim Kallas.
“These changes will reduce hauliers’ fuel bills and give European manufacturers a head-start in designing the truck of the future, a greener truck for the global market.”
The Commission has said the conception of these new aerodynamic cabins and rear flaps will give manufacturers the opportunity to create new models and support job creation and economic growth in Europe.
The proposal must be adopted by the European Parliament and Member States before becoming law but the new trucks are expected to be seen on roads by 2018-2020.

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