AKW introduces new logistics operation

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AKW, which supplies bathrooms and kitchens for people with mobility problems, has hired Trade Distribution to provide a dedicated delivery service using a fleet of AKW branded vehicles.

It will use six of UK operating centres for deliveries. The aim is to reduce multi-handling of consignments, reducing the risk of damage in transit.

AKW is introducing the Calidus IT system at it warehouse, which enables customers to check the ETA of their deliveries and drivers to update schedules at anytime.

Group logistics director Sara Elliott said: “With this system, drivers effectively have their own administrative office in their vehicle and they are empowered to make decisions, such as accepting goods for return, or re-scheduling delivery times.”

The operation was put in place along with new warehouse systems, as part of AKW’s major business investment.

The warehousing systems are set to create an additional 34 per cent of capacity within AKW’s existing 100,000 sq ft warehousing facilities.

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