FLTA urges caution after Khan’s accident

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The Fork Lift Truck Association has urged caution when working at heights, following Pakistani politician and former world-class cricketer Imran Khan’s accident involving a fork lift truck.
The sixty-year-old fell from the truck, along with his security guards, while he was being hoisted onto a stage at a rally in Lahore, after wooden planks that had been put together to form a makeshift platform suddenly collapsed.
In addition to receiving eleven stitches to the front and back of his head, he sustained back injuries and a minor fracture to the head.
“An incident such as this is a powerful reminder of the real dangers involved in using makeshift solutions, said FLTA technical manager, Owen Delaney.
“Fork lift trucks do an unparalleled amount of good in our workplaces, but they are not intended to lift people except in exceptional circumstances and with all appropriate measures being taken.
“Mr Khan and his colleagues are very fortunate that their injuries were not more serious. Our thoughts go out to the families of all of those injured and wish them a quick recovery.”
Materials and resources, to help ensure anyone responsible for fork lift truck operations is working safely, efficiently, and within the law, are accessible on the FLTA website or by joining the association’s Safe User Group.

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