Army targets logisticians in recruitment campaign

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The British Army is looking to hire logisticians as part of its latest recruitment campaign. The “Step Up” campaign is part of a wider recruiting programme, designed to bring 10,000 new soldiers and officers into the Army over the coming year.

It aims to dispel the misconception that the Army is not hiring as new statistics reveal that only half of all people surveyed realised that the Army is looking for new recruits.

Research has shown that seven per cent of respondents would like to join the Army to fulfil a career in a specialist trade, such as a logistician for the Royal Logistics Corps (RLC).

It also showed that, with more than 200 different specialist roles available, the opportunity to learn new skills and gain qualifications is the top reason that 19 per cent of respondents would consider an Army career, and that 11 per cent were specifically interested in logistics and support roles.

The Army describes a career within the RLC as “getting the right amount of the right kit to the right people in the right place at the right time”.

As well as transporting everything from tanks and ammunition to letters and food, which enables the Army to do its job and boost morale along the way, the RLC provides recruits with the opportunity to travel around the world on land, at sea and in the air, through all sorts of terrain.

The Step Up campaign is due to hit TV screens nationwide this week. It will target potential recruits through a series of TV adverts that show the audience the journey a soldier might take while following a career in the Army, through the perspective of a pair of Army boots.

Recruits targeted will include logisticians, who have the choice of more than 30 roles available to choose from with the RLC, such as supply specialists, port operators and IT systems analysts.

Brigadier Andrew Jackson, director of recruiting and training for the Army, said: “No matter what your skills or background, the Army has something to offer you and an Army job provides opportunities to learn much more beyond military skills.

“It will develop you and show you the strengths you didn’t know you had. Our statistics show that one in five people would consider joining the Army so we need to encourage those individuals to come forward and find out more about joining us.”

For more information about job opportunities with the Army, visit or call 0845 600 8080.

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