Gasrec launches first open Bio-LNG filling station

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Gasrec has launched the UK’s first open access Bio-LNG filling station in Daventry, marking the start of a nationwide investment in infrastructure which hopes to cut out nearly two-thirds of the nation’s HGV emissions.

The station, which will operate in a similar way to a traditional petrol station, aims to cut pollution and fuel costs significantly and allow gas-powered or dual-fuel trucks to use Bio-LNG.

Gasrec, Europe’s largest producer of the fuel, claims that Bio-LNG can reduce fuel costs by 20-30 per cent compared to pure diesel equivalents, as well as CO2 by a minimum of 20 per cent.

The company’s commercial development manager, Doug Leaf, said: “The launch clearly shows how our technology, innovation and ambition are leading the way to shrink pollution and costs for the UK’s HGV haulage fleet.

“This is the important first step of a journey which we have high hopes will be a national success story.”

With enough fuel to fill 700 HGVs a day, the station will be equipped with five refuelling lanes and ten dispensers using “fast-fill” technology.

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