Michelin launches new fuel solution

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Michelin Solutions has launched the Effifuel solution which it claims is unlike any other in the market today.

The new fuel is targeted at both hauliers and own-account operators, and Michelin is working with fleets to establish a contractual commitment, based on fuel savings and the resources to be deployed to attain them.

Michelin will provide services such as eco-driving training courses, monitor drivers’ at-the-wheel behaviour based on individual eco-scores, and install telematics display units to give fleets complete visibility and help them track fuel use.

“Some of these services already exist individually,” said Franck Estoquié, chief marketing officer, Michelin Solutions.

“What’s new is to be able to package them together in the same solution, manage them efficiently and make a long-term commitment.”

All savings made by the Effifuel solution will be shared between the partners.

Michelin hopes to deploy its solutions throughout Europe in 2013, and in North America, South America and China, in 2014 and 2015.

While Effifuel is aimed at truck operators, the company hopes to eventually meet the needs of other fleets, such as passenger cars and earthmover equipment.

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