Southampton council searches for “green” operator

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Southampton City Council is searching for an operator to run a sustainable distribution centre, in a new project that it hopes will bring “green” benefits to the city and surrounding area.

The council aims to enable businesses to have a more environmentally sustainable way to receive their deliveries, while still offering a cost effective storage solution.

The new plan will see goods received from suppliers 24/7, to either be stored or grouped with other loads destined for the same location, and then delivered together, reducing the number of delivery vehicles travelling to the location.

“The project is part of our commitment to sustainability and a number of organisations private and public have already expressed interest in using the facility including the council, said Southampton’s cabinet member for environment and transport, Councillor Thorpe.

“By consolidating loads on the outskirts of Southampton the SDC will cut HGV traffic and offer low rate storage enabling a more strategic approach to be adopted to retail and office space.”

The distribution centre is due to be fully operational by the end of the year.

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