Heathrow must accelerate third runway decision, says FTA

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The Freight Transport Association is calling for an accelerated decision on the enhanced airport capacity in response to proposals for a third runway at Heathrow Airport, as it reckons stalling the decision will prove detrimental to the UK’s economy.

The proposals recognisethe importance of air freight, focusing on its wider economic benefits, such as international trade and inward investment to the country, and estimate the third runway could enable productivity to the value of between £32 – £137 billion.

The FTA had previously stated it was essential to maintain London’s international hub status, which keeps UK goods and passengers connected to scores of global destinations, and therefore supports UK trade.

“FTA is always open to the possibility of a future airport elsewhere but Heathrow is our main hub airport now, said general manager of global and European policy, Chris Welsh.

“As it is full the need for a third runway is obvious, we are therefore pleased to welcome the proposal for enhanced investment in capacity by Heathrow.

“So much economic activity relies upon air freight across the UK, it is critical to economic recovery that the nation can demonstrate it is open for business with a smooth and reliable journey from our international gateways.

“FTA is concerned that stalling on the decision as to  where and when the extra capacity for air-freight is going to be accommodated, and feel strongly that an accelerated process is needed in order to  make the decision – sooner rather than later.”

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